Friday, October 19, 2012

Fashion Talk with Miss South Carolina USA

I'm so excited to introduce to you the beautiful Miss South Carolina USA, Erika Powell! Erika has not only carried the crown this year as Miss SC USA, but she was also crowned Miss SC back in 2005. Erika always looks gorgeous & I recently had the opportunity to ask her some questions about her personal style.
Describe your style in three words.      
BOLD. Eclectic. Evolving.

Were you born a fashionista, or was fashion something you learned to love as you got older?
Baby, I was born this way! Always playing dress up... girly, gaga, and glam I have always loved fashion, fabrics, textures, and colors and finding ways to make them my own! I didn't always have the right combination, but I was never afraid to try something NEW!

 Is there a fashion choice from your past that still haunts you?
TOO MUCH FLORAL and let's lose the hat and frilly socks! woah! I will admit, my Mother had a lot to do with our "special holiday attire" and fashion choices... I believe this was Easter in 1994.
I now stay away from flowered patterns that look like they could be tablecloths straight out of an American Girl's novel.

What's your ideal every-day wear?
Something comfortable that makes a statement. I love Beija-Flor Jeans (Greenville, SC company). I wear them to events, on the plane, and dress them up to go out at night and they never look stretched out or ill-fitting. They come up higher on your waist so you never have to tug or readjust your pants before or after you sit! Pairing jeans with something silk or lacy is a way to feel feminine and structured. I always have a sweater, leather jacket, or blazer... layers are a must, especially in the fall-flexible weather of the South.

If you could give one piece of advice to fashionistas reading Minted Glam, what would it be?
Don't be afraid to try new things! However, just because something is new and trending "in style" doesn't mean you were born to wear it. It is fun to try on new looks, but always, always, ALWAYS, dress for your shape... that is something uniquely YOU that will never go out of style!

If you could constantly fill your closet with one designer's collection, whose would it be?
Elie Saab

Whats your favorite fall trend this year?
GLITTER!!!!!!! It's back. It's staying... it's my favorite color! seriously. I make sure to have sparkles somewhere at all times and I am THRILLED that sequins, studs, sparkles, and glitter, are out in full force. I love finding ways to wear them all the time. Dressing up and down different outfits, I find a way to juxtapose just about everything in my fashion pairings. (denim & diamonds, lace & lead, sequins & studs)

What does Miss South Carolina never leave home without...besides her crown, of course?
My iphone, camera, sunglasses, and a pair of workout clothes... you never know when you will get to the gym when you live on the road!

No holding many pairs of shoes do you own?

Being in pageants must have its stressful moments. Have you ever had a wardrobe malfunction?
This happened back when I was Miss South Carolina 2005 (America Pageant). I volunteered to pick up trash on a South Carolina highway in the middle of summer... incredibly hot! I wore a halter top and shorts with my hair up to be as cool as possible. Needless to say, wearing a sticky bra under the halter top was the bad part of this idea. When you're super sweaty and bending over to pick up trash in the heat of the day, nothing sticks to your body! I was soon having to find another bra and shirt before one of the other volunteers could have picked up my "trash" somewhere on the roadside!
 Thanks so much Erika for sharing your fashion experiences & style advice!
Be sure to visit Erika here to see more of this gorgeous gal:


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